Scaffolding on wheels with a handrail and a working platform
for legs. Scaffolding can have steps on one side and on
both. Handrail can be straight or angled.
Scaffoldings PS (PSD) are intended for servicing the
equipment of telecommunication and switchgear.

Dielectric stools are intended to work in the telecommunications industry
and energetic sphere instead of  the existing wooden scaffolding and stools.
Height – from 0.4 m to 0.6 m.(PS) The lower ends of bowstrings are equipped with rubber glides for a stable position when the stool  at execution phase. Do not subject to corrosion, have a long service life, have high insulating properties, robust design.

ТypeLength, mstep,cmnumber of steps, pcweight, kgplatfom haigt,vheight from platform to arm support, m
price,$ USD, EXW