A set of glass-plastic insulating elements for the restoration of a removable insulating tower, intended for maintenance of the contact network of electrified railways under voltage of 3.3 kV DC and 27.5 kV AC with a frequency of 50 Hz.
The KRV set is made of profile electrical insulating fiberglass and is designed to replace worn out wooden insulating structures of towers. The use of special weather-resistant enamel allows the tower to be used outdoors. Due to the use of fiberglass in the manufacture of stairs and braces, the tower has high rigidity and stable insulating properties.
The KRV set consists of:
– two ladders of the DSOP with a length of 4570 mm;
– one hinged fiberglass ladder DSON-3, 3000 mm long;
– two transverse RSP and two diagonal RSC glass plastic braces with a length of 1360 mm and 2830 mm, respectively;
– a set of fastening braces RSP and RSK to the ladders of the DSOP;
– a set of fastening elements to the frame and basket.
Distinctive features of KRV:
– long service life;
– ease of assembly;
– high rigidity of the structure;
– reliable insulating properties;
A set of fiberglass insulating elements KRV complies with DSTU B V.2.8-39: 2011 (GOST 24258-88, MOD)