Folded ladders (type DSPSD) by properties and purpose correspond to single ladders and symmetric stepladders and consist of two parts that are connected by the rotary knot-holder. The knot-holder’s construction allows to fold ladder in half transforming it into the symmetric stepladder. And also this knot-holder allows to decompose the product, turning it into a single ladder

The uniqueness and convenience of these folded ladders are that it fulfills two functions at once: a single ladder and stepladder.

On both sides of the ladder to the bowstrings rubber bearings are mounted. Rungs are covered with a spray to prevent slipping worker’s shoes. The rung’s step is 33 sm.

The length of the item as a single ladder is from 3 to 7 m.,

The height of the item as a stepladder is from 1,5 to 3,5 m., weigh from 13 to 28 kg.

ТypeLength, mwidth at the top, cmwidth below, cmstep,cmnumber of steps, pcweight, kgprice,$ USD, EXW