Factory of Insulating Equipmnet produces a series of devices for the preparation of cable ducts (UZK) – from cable ducts to embedded pipes of interfloor structures (using elastic dielectric fiberglass rods of different diameters – from 3 to 11 mm). Bar length 150 m or on request. As part of the UZK-11/150 device, it is equipped with an operating trolley and removable tips. As part of the UZK, a drum with a bar is located on a transport-operating trolley. The ends of the bar are equipped with threaded lugs for attaching various devices: a guide head, a rotation compensator, connecting pipes, lugs with an eyelet, etc. Due to the dielectric properties of fiberglass, ultrasonic testing can be used when laying cables in existing electrical installations, interfloor panel boards, etc.

For ease of use and increased service life, the bar is covered with wear-resistant cable plastic. At the request of the customer, the bar as part of the ultrasonic inspection system can be supplied of any length, with a different type of coating and without a cart, as a repair kit.

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