Insulating rods and tubes

Electrical insulating rods and tubes for use in insulating units of electrical equipment, portable devices for a voltage of 6-220 […]

Groove wedges

During the manufacture of electric motors for holding the electric windings of the rotor and stator, we suggest using fiberglass […]

Duct Rodder

Factory of Insulating Equipmnet produces a series of devices for the preparation of cable ducts (UZK) – from cable ducts […]

Leater repair kit

A set of glass-plastic insulating elements for the restoration of a removable insulating tower, intended for maintenance of the contact […]


Scaffolds SS (PSD) are intended for servicing telecommunication equipment and switchgear. Depending on the order, they are completed with handrails […]

Fiberglass Stepladders

Stepladders with symmetrical DSS and vertical DSV support (wall-mounted) are designed for work at power, telecommunications, metro and other enterprises. […]

FIBERGLASS (composites).

Fiberglass is a unique fiber based on polyester resins, has strength and durability in operation, and also does not rot, […]

Hinged ladders

Hinged ladders are designed for repair,ing commissioning and installation work in wells, in electrical installations, on power transmission line traverses, […]

How to choose a ladder?

Why do you need precisely dielectric ladder? You will need it: – during repairing electrical wiring in a house; – […]